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  • Pythchley at Maidwell School
  • Grove and Rufford Wentworth Hunt Day
  • Cranwell Bloodhounds 2016
  • Burton at Hackthorn 2016
  • South Wold in Kennels
  • ELBH in Kennels
  • Grove and Rufford at Kelham
  • South Wold at Brocklesby
  • Christchurch Beagles
  • South Durham
  • Fitzwilliam at Apethorpe Palace
  • Bicester and VWH Joint Meet
  • Belvoir at Belvoir Castle
  • Blankney at the Kennels
  • Burton at Spridlington 2016
  • Blankney at Wasps Nest
  • Crawley and Horsham at Brocklesby
  • South Notts at The Fountain Welbeck
  • Cottesmore at Barholm Old Hall
  • Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chase
  • Burton at Fillingham Castle 2016
  • Burton on Boxing Day
  • South Wold at Hainton
  • Blankney at Minting
  • Cottesmore and Quorn Opening Meet
  • Essex & Suffolk Opening Meet
  • West Norfolk Opening Meet
  • Cranwell Bloodhounds
  • Burton Opening Meet
  • Grove and Rufford at Caunton
  • York and Ainsty South
  • South Wold at Stixwould
  • Belvoir at Brauncewell
  • Cottesmore at Barholm
  • North Warwickshire Beagles
  • Grove & Rufford at Staythorpe
  • Burton at East Torrington
  • Burton at RAF Wickenby
  • Essex & Suffolk at Overbury Hall
  • Beaufort at Kennels
  • Heythrop at Sezincote
  • VWH at Dudgrove
  • Blankney
  • Atherstone Hounds
  • Westerby Basset Hounds
  • South Down and Eridge Puppy Show


  • Many more being added all the time - please check back regularly for updated galleries!

       Welcome to For the Love of Hunting England

Tim Rogers and the Per Ardua Beagles

Tim Rogers and the Per Ardua Beagles

Firstly may I offer you a very warm welcome to our website www.fortheloveofhuntingengland.com and I hope you much enjoy the content which we have taken great pleasure in putting together. Hunting is still very much an integral part of everyday life for many of us who live in Rural Britain, and whether you hunt with or follow Foxhounds, Harriers, Beagles or Bassets, it is our aim to bring you a good mix of news from the different types of hunting which we are fortunate enough to enjoy.



South Durham Hounds

South Durham Hounds




Last season was remarkably open with very few days lost throughout and the hard frosts only arriving just about the time everything was coming to an end. Scent was very poor for a large part, however during the final couple of months things improved and many packs were soon away during the early part of the day.  Long hunts were being achieved and hounds were hard to live with and much fun was then had by all.




Hare 1The argument for hunting to return to its true and natural state becomes stronger and stronger as times go by with the quarry species being the one which is ultimately suffering. There has been some horrific behaviour from our opponents. Common sense must in the end prevail and it should be up to every single one of us who enjoy hunting to go out and be willing to put our case across. It will not be easy in these uncertain times but we must and we will win in the end.




Our future

Our future

I do hope you enjoy the many photographs that we have included within our website. It has been the greatest privilege to visit a very largenumber of packs during the 2015/16 season and to see their hounds at work. Hunting has always been an all inclusive activity and I have certainly witnessed this more than ever over the past season. It has been a pleasure to see a wide range of ages participating. The young seem to be enjoying themselves as much as ever and it is our duty to support and encourage them to take our sport into the future.  ,




I very much hope we will see you out and about in the summer months and if not during the coming season.

With our Very Best Wishes


James Barclay


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