Being a Cowboy and riding across the barren lands of the United States is one thing, but hunting in England, in what we would describe as the wilds of rural Lincolnshire is quite another. Nathan Brown is a twenty seven year old and every bit the Cowboy that you could imagine. The enthusiasm he has about his vocation in life knows no bounds and it is more than likely he has the experience of someone, possibly twice his age. So when the Burton Hounds met at a deserted Farm Yard on the flat lands below the Lincolnshire Wolds recently, one had to look twice through the crowd to see if this was a proper Cowboy, or some new Subscriber who happened to have longish hair, a beard and a Stetson. Sure enough, this was a real Cowboy and one thing is for certain, there would not have been many of them seen in this part of England before!

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