With autumn fast approaching it won't be long before the sound of the hunting horn will be drifting again through the mist to us, on one of those memorable early mornings that only this time of year can bring. Before then however, let us just spend a moment to look back at what has been a most enjoyable summer. It seems no time at all since I raced back from hunting with the Zetland in early March, in order to be at the Burton Kennels to see their Hounds returning from their last day. This was one day I will remember for a very good reason as it demonstrated just how important it is to encourage the younger generation. Neil Burton their Huntsman, on this occasion decided to hand the horn over to his Whipper In, Charlie Thomas. It was Charlie's final day before going on to pursue a career in farming, so to hunt the Burton Hounds was a golden opportunity and certainly one he will never forget.
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