A question came into my mind as the train pulled out of Lincoln Central Station on a grey Friday afternoon in early March and that was, on my relatively short trip to the North, how many hunting countries would I be flying through as I headed towards my destination. May be this is something that does not enter the mind of a normal thinking person but, with my background in hunting, I suppose you can hardly blame me!  The reason for my excursion to the borders of Durham and North Yorkshire was to visit the Zetland, who had kindly invited me to speak at their Annual End of Season Dinner. This is a Hunt I had never been to before and I was much looking forward to my visit for as well as enjoying the company of their people, the next day I would be seeing their first class pack of hounds in action. My journey there though was going to be of considerable interest, as it was an opportunity for me to piece together in my mind a map of the hunting countries of the north. Far better to do this from a train, for I would  have the time to soak up the landscape and historical landmarks as we flew past.
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