There has been a lot said and written about fell hounds, these few notes are a personal view following 40 years of the Blencathra and 42 years in fell hunting.  We are very proud in Cumbria of the long and unique abilities of the fell hound and their skill of drawing vast distances on their own with sometimes the huntsman up to a mile away from them, also how they can cover a mountainside from the peaks and ridges down through the crags, scree and heather to the lower most bracken above the fell walls.  As soon as one hound feathers then speaks all the hounds rally to the cry.  As they strike off the line the sound echoing through the valleys can't fail to create a shiver down your spine.  It doesn't matter how far they hunt into the next valley or area, any checks will be sorted out by the hounds casting themselves until the line is picked up again and away they go.  When the hunt comes to a conclusion the pack then like homing pigeons will set off and retrace themselves back to where they were last with me, or meet me trudging on after them. As well as the obvious, it’s a marvellous way of the old hounds learning or bringing on the young hounds.
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