The charming hunting song "Drink Puppy Drink" encapsulates within it the many different aspects of hunting that make it such a unique activity and one which is still enjoyed today by so many. The hound of course is central to the whole operation, for without him or her we would not be going very far. So this piece covers the life of a hound and how important to us they actually are. But before we start it will be helpful to take a few words from this great song and see what they truly mean to us. It begins like this, "Drink puppy drink, let every puppy drink, until he is old enough to lap and to swallow, for he will grow into a hound and we will pass the bottle round and merrily we'll whoop and we’ll holloa"! These few words are as relevant today as they were when they were written in the nineteenth century and remind us just how crucial their welfare is to all who are luckily enough to hunt now, in the twenty first century.
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