Although there was a brief shower in the morning, good fortune shone on this year’s Blaston Hound Show since, for most of the day rain appeared to be falling everywhere for miles around except at the Show.  Set in the heart of the Welland Valley, the magnificent location is generously made available by Mrs Clare Clarke and Mr and Mrs Robert Miller, to whom the Show is extremely grateful.
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Hounds of exceptionally high quality and substance were shown in both the Old English and Modern Classes.  The Old English classes were once again sponsored by Baily’s (www.bailyshunting and this year’s judges were George Adams, huntsman of the Fitzwilliam and William Deakin, recently retired from the Warwickshire.

The Old English Class

The Old English Class


Percy huntsman, Robert McCarthy’s long haul down from Northumberland was highly rewarded.  His hounds took first place in six of the eight classes.  Percy Poet ’09 by

North Staffs. Hasty, Champion Old English Bitch

North Staffs. Hasty, Champion Old English Bitch

Warwickshire Porlock ’06 out of Porridge ’05 was best brood bitch and the judges would have chosen her as championbitch, but the Show rules do not permit a previous champion to be chosen again, giving North Staffordshire Hasty, last year’s Reserve Champion, a chance to triumph.  North Staffordshire Fashion, winner of the unentered bitch class, claimed the reserve championship concluding a well-earned, prize-winning day for huntsman, David Seels.

Classes for modern foxhounds in the afternoon were judged by Jeremy Reed MFH (Flint and Denbigh) and Ian Shakespeare (Surrey Union).  The Grove and Rufford’s jovial crowd of loyal supporters were resoundingly rewarded when huntsman, Paul Larby’s superb hounds went on to win rosettes in every class except one – including carrying off both the doghound and bitch championships with Magnum and Sapphire accordingly.  Peter McColgan, huntsman of the Albrighton and Woodland claimed doghound and bitch hound reserve championships with Bonus and Bobtail.

George Adams of the Fitzwilliam earned a ‘first’ by not only judging Old English hounds in the morning, but also showing modern hounds in the afternoon.  His Garland and Garnett won third place in the Couple of Entered Bitch class before he was allowed to go home.

Royal Artillery's first visit to Blaston Show

Royal Artillery’s first visit to Blaston Show


It was a pleasure welcoming the Royal Artillery (Salisbury Plain) to Blaston for the first time.  Huntsman, Robert Moffat, took home a reserve rosette and it was interesting to hear him say a few words about his country.

George Bowyer, National Director of Vote OK spoke about the importance to all hunting people of next year’s General Election.


Next year’s Blaston Hound Show will be held on Sunday, 28th June 2015.





 A Littel-Bulleigh

Photos by Rose Rodgers


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