T’was on a bright and shinin’ morn

When first we heard that happy hunting horn

At the earliest dawning of day,

T’was the Duke of Buckingham

And many a squire and yeoman came

The grey shadows they were fastly fading.

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There was Dido, Bendigo

Gentry  they were there-o

Traveller who never looked behind him.

There was Countess, Rowler, Bonny Lass and Towler.

These were the Hounds that did find him.


At first our fox being young

His trials all before him,

Made straight away for the cover.

He then clam up yon highest hill

And went down yon deepest ghyll

Thinking there to hide himself forever.




Our huntsman tried they o’er the plain

Then he tried them back again,

His horse and his hound wearied never.

It was just twelve months today

I heard our squire say,

“Hark forrard, Hark my gallant hounds together.




Our second fox being old,

His trials all behind him

Made straight away for the river

To save his brush he tried to swim,

But Dido quickly plunged after him

And Traveller destroyed his life forever.





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