As the influence of the Duke of Beaufort’s brood bitches Woeful and Worry and his Stallion Hounds, Beadle, Crowner and others grew on the breeding of the Puckeridge Hounds, so the importance of it all did on the mind of this, the youngest member of the family. With wonderful ponies to hunt and a most enthusiastic mother who was now a Joint Master with Dad, the excitement and pleasure of it all was really beginning to take hold, as it so obviously had done with the previous members of the family. Many an afternoon, when not hunting, was spent either in the Kennels with the legendary Ned Paxton who had been 1st Whipper In and Kennel Huntsman since the War and later with Ron Quarmby who came from the HH . Ron did a tremendous job in supporting Dad’s improvements to the Hounds. The school holidays were also spent earth stopping with the well known Terrier Men of their time Ken Hand, David Morse and latterly Vernon Taney. What all these chaps taught me about the fox has become invaluable later in life. I will always be indebted to all of them.
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