Before I ramble on any further, which can be a failing of mine, I have been thinking about where to pitch this article without boring you all to tears! Having had an incredibly lucky life I thought maybe it might be of interest to share some of it with you and if you didn’t mind I will turn the clock back to the beginning and see if we can find where this obsession with hunting came from! If it is too much to cope with please inform the editor and we will think again before the next issue to see how this can be resolved.

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One Response to Early Beginnings

  1. Jos Mottershead says:

    A wonderful commencement of your history James! I hope you may continue the tales of your start with some mention of Nipper, Porgy, Bruce and your Father’s (subsequently somewhat harder-mouthed) retrievers, as well as the many delightful characters and friends in the village and its environs in those days that helped form our lives…

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