Ramblings Eleven

It was at this time when I probably learnt more about running a country than any other and it certainly stood me in good stead for the future. When I look back at those early days of collecting flesh in Warwickshire for Clarence or fencing in the Heythrop Country with Geoff, it makes me realise just how important it is to run a Hunt properly and efficiently. Firstly though, let us imagine the scene, Mondays would produce fields of up to and over a hundred, Wednesdays, anywhere between two hundred and two hundred and fifty, Fridays were the smaller days of about fifty to eighty and Saturdays, between two and three hundred, with the largest field I ever remember of three hundred and twenty! There were even weeks during the regular season when we hunted six days a week, which of course we had already done, all through Cubhunting! In all my time at the Heythrop I only hunted once on a horse, I was much more use to Stephen by not doing so. I was in a much better place, with help from the locals to work out which farmers Stephen and I should visit after hunting or to be there to help Geoff if required. When I explained in past articles about being at the sharp end, I certainly was here and the reason why will become abundantly clear, shortly.
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