It was with great sadness but also an honour for the Barclay family to  give a Meet in memory of Ralph Mitchell, the much respected Master of the Grove and Rufford who died following a fall at Scaftworth a year ago this last November.
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Ralph, only half an hour before he jumped his final fence, witnessed the Grove and Rufford Hounds hunting beautifully through the garden at Scaftworth Hall and this gave him an immense amount of pleasure. It however, was not the only time it was to happen and it occurred again, just six weeks later, on Boxing Day.

Following words at the Meet about Ralph’s life and the peculiarity of such happenings, hounds moved off to have a busy day. It was late on though as the sun was dropping and the shadows lengthened, that a very large fox was seen only a matter of yards from where Ralph had fallen. Those who were left out could not believe quite what they were seeing as they observed him stealing his way his way back in the half light towards Scaftworth.

Good Night Ralph, that is a sure sign that all is well.



James Barclay

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