As a failed footballer and former physiotherapist in professional Premiership football I have always had an interest in horses, not from a gambling perspective, I hasten to add, but from an athletic and sports medicine aspect.  My football, physiotherapy and business career had taken me away from the equine world for the last 25 years, and it was only with the arrival of my two young daughters, now 6 and 7, that my interest was reignited.  They began having lessons in the spring of 2012 and so at the age of 46 I joined them too.  Instantly I was hooked. Whilst I had sat on a horse in my teens I would never say that I could ride, and so it was from scratch my riding career began.  Never wanting to do things by half it wasn’t long before I had found a horse for myself.  Having no ability or experience I made the classic mistake of buying a retrained race horse!   He was a very handsome gelding, extremely gentle in the stable and most of all my children loved him!  He couldn’t have been more wrong for me however, if I had tried.
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