As my photography course came to an end, the following day I decided to travel up through the Principality to see my good friends Jim and Pauline Meads.  They had moved many years ago to Carno from Westbury in the Grafton Country. Driving through some stunning scenery my mind seemed to be on hunting all the way! Funny that! Having taken a good pub lunch, Jim decided that a quick visit to the David Davies Kennels was the order of the day. Unfortunately I did not have my  camera with me so couldn’t capture the wonderful sight that met me, a pack of hounds which totally epitomised the Welsh breed – tough looking and rough coated with a beauty of their own. There was a small percentage of Fell blood in amongst them but predominantly their breeding which those from the Principality are justly proud.  What I saw that day indeed set off a whole thinking process about the breeding of the Foxhound and believe it is a subject we can discuss in detail later.


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