The Warm Up

  1. Hunting
  2. Diana
  3. St. Hubert
  4. Nimrod
  5. Quorn, Belvoir, Cottesmore, Fernie and Pytchley
  6. The Provinces
  7. Fox Hound Kennel Stud Book
  8. MFHA
  9. A red tail coat as opposed to a skirted coat which is more commonly worn.
  10. Brocklesby, Belvoir, Hurworth and York and Ainsty South


General Hunting

  1. The wild boar
  2. The stag
  3. The hare
  4. Anything!
  5. Spurs
  6. A painting
  7. A hunting horn
  8. Another painting
  9. A photograph or book of photographs
  10. Vulpes Vulpes



  1. Fernie
  2. Meynell and South Staffs.
  3. Heythrop
  4. Warwickshire
  5. Bicester with Waddon Chase
  6. Any low lying area ideal for foxes
  7. Eskdale & Ennerdale, Coniston, Melbreak, Ullswater, Blencathra and Lunesdale
  8. Yorkshire
  9. Herts., Beds. and Bucks.
  10. Peterborough, Harrogate, Ardingly, Honiton and Builth Wells



  1. Peter Beckford
  2. Tom Smith
  3. Siegfried Sassoon
  4. Somerville and Ross
  5. John Masefield
  6. RS Surtees
  7. Lionel Edwards
  8. False – Jorrocks was first written about several years before Pickwick Papers was written
  9. True – his horse put its foot in a rabbit’s hole whilst hunting with the VWH
  10. True – his inspiration for Handley Cross came from Leamington Spa


Hounds (Mostly!)

  1. A tiring fox
  2. A hound that speaks without owning a line
  3. A hound that runs wide of the pack
  4. Up to 5 couple of old hounds that hunted out the harboured stag from the rest of the herd
  5. 24 “
  6. A hound that stays back on the line instead of leaving with the rest of the pack
  7. A note blown on the horn expressing urgency
  8. When hounds are trying to pick up the line of a fox but are not quite certain he has gone that way
  9. English Basset
  10. A good show hound

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