‘But once beyond the brambles and across the heath and clear
With half a league of open ground and not a whinbush near,
The happiest man in England blew the freedom of the pass,
And two and twenty couple backed his music on the grass.’

1. Name the author.

2. Name the poem.

3. Who said ‘Tell me a man’s a fox hunter and I loves him at once’?

4. In the Hunting Song ‘Tis a Fine Hunting Day’, what is the name of the farmer who says to his dam that he is sixty and lame.

5. According to a Fell Hunting Song, from what should you protect your terriers?

6. According to another, where is the horn of the hunter silent?

7. In which Fell Hunting song did Countess, Rowler, Bonny Lass and Towler appear?

8. Who wrote the song Drink Puppy, Drink?

9. Can you name 5 of John Peel’s hounds?

10. Who wrote the Fox’s Prophecy?

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