As the Christmas break approaches, hunting now has the benefit of a new group of enthusiasts who have come together from all over the UK. Their aim is to throw their weight behind encouraging the public and politicians alike to find out what hunting is all about. Coming from all the different angles that hunting represents, they have a deep knowledge and understanding of the sport which they hope will help, in reaching out to people from all corners of society.

Describing Hunting as traditional as "Fish and Chips", ’This is Hunting’ realises that it is an activity which is enjoyed by very many of the same type of people who actually enjoy fish and chips, and that it is just a myth to think otherwise. "To think this is just an activity for the Upper Classes is just madness. It is an argument that has been thrown at us for generations and we all know that it is one that has suited our opposition's case" says James Barclay, the Group's Chairman who goes onto say, "Now is time for change. We all know it is an activity which is undertaken by rich and poor, urban or rural and to say otherwise is just total fabrication and always has been!"

The long term commitment of ‘This is Hunting UK’ is to work with and alongside the CA and the Hunting Associations to overturn the present ridiculous legislation. They aim to give the British Public a fair and balanced view as to why it is so important for this to be achieved. With the holiday meets coming up shortly, this is an opportunity not to be missed and we must be out there engaging and explaining exactly what hunting means to us and that we are proud of it being such an important part of  our heritage.

Should you wish to know more about ‘This is Hunting UK’ please contact James Barclay on 07802 327463 or email