The Oaklands Hound show celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year, conducted at “Sherwood” the 350 acre property of The Oaklands Hunt, situated north west of Melbourne.
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Aus H Show
Hounds are shown in the large courtyard at the rear of the large clubhouse, a most attractive area with a touch of theatre.

Hounds were paraded before our visiting Judge Frank Houghton Brown, former Master and Hunstman of the Middleton and late of the Tynedale.

Frank Houghton-Brown

Frank Houghton-Brown

Frank joined a select group of Hound Judges to grace the Oaklands Hound Show in recent years, Thady Ryan, Robin Gundry, Martin Scott, Lord Annaly, Simon Clark, Roddy Bailey, James Barclay, Adrian Danger, Hugo Busby, Edward Lycett-Green, Tim Easby and Jonathon Seed.

Bringing out a Judge from England has many benefits for the Hunting fraternity from downunder, to date we are pleased to advise that all of our visiting Judges have provided great interest in Foxhounds, they have maintained the high standards in behaviour fitting what is expected of a MFH from the home of Foxhunting. This years Hound Show attracted a very good attendance with Hounds shown by Findon, Melbourne, Murray Valley, Hume, Sydney and Oaklands. There are 9 packs in Victoria however, distance of travel is a problem.

The writer established the Oaklands Hound Show in 1988 in the centenary year of the Oaklands Hunt, the improvement in our Hounds has been fantastic.

In the Hunting field and in confirmation, imported bloodlines from the Duke of Beauforts, Exmoor, North Cotswold, Heythrop Cattistock, and recently the Tynedale has injected quality, we have a small gene pool to cope with. Australia is the furthest place in the world that foxhounds have travelled to from the home of Foxhounds.

From colonial times the mainstay have been The Melbourne (1853) Findon (1871) Oaklands (1888) Yarra Glen (1900) Adelaide SA (1842) Sydney (1811) Victoria is the home of foxhunting in Australia.

Ideal climate from May to September we are most fortunate to enjoy outstanding country, big open and undulating, a typical day no towns or busy roads, is some countries no roads, crops are rare as much as humans., it is all grass and natural countryside, plenty of creeks and streams, truly a paradise.

Findon Barman, Champion Dog Hound

Findon Barman, Champion Dog Hound



Randall Cameron Kennedy

Photographs by Judith Leman

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