For those who do not know him, Martin Scott is an extraordinary man. As well as being a true and dedicated Foxhunter, he is probably the only person I know who has a complete encyclopaedic brain of the breeding of the Modern English Foxhound. There is no one quite like him when the time comes that you need to tap into his great depth of knowledge which he has of their breeding and also the attributes of each and every generation. Foxhounds are interesting enough animals in themselves but to see how they have evolved over the years is quite fascinating, and there is no one who takes this more seriously than he does. In a way this is somewhat understandable as his own pedigree shows a considerable commitment from his forebears to the breeding top class hounds. His Great Uncle Charles Scott, was Master of the North Cotswold and his father Bill, hunted the United, Portman, North Cotswold, West Waterford, the Portman again, and lastly the Old Berks. It was in his father's day at the North Cotswold that the famous stallion hound North Cotswold Landlord '44 was bred.
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