There are a very large number of people who have over many years contributed greatly to the everyday running of our life in the Countryside.

They come from every angle of society and are to be admired each in their own individual way for the huge efforts they have gone too, to ensure that our living landscape and our traditions are safeguarded for future generations. They quite literally are our unsung heroes who if we were not to give them the coverage they deserve, little would be known about them and their achievements. Some are enthusiastic supporters of The Chase and partake in the sport regularly, others it is not necessarily their chosen activity, but somehow it has found a way in integrating itself into their life in one form or another.

It is because these wonderful people are not household names why their life stories will be so much more interesting to us. Bob Gosling is an example of someone who is now 93 and was born and brought up into a farming family in Suffolk. If there is anybody who could be a more perfect example of demonstrating the links that have existed over many years between agriculture and hunting I have yet to find one.

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