Violet Mary Wright

                                         18th December 1935 – 3rd April 2004

I have written a piece here in dedication to a wonderful person, Violet Mary Wright, although her husband Ray hunted with the Cottesmore in the car, Mary didn’t. The peculiar happening which took place on a beautiful Spring day however, had no relevance whatsoever to hunting. Believe it or not, it is a herd of Friesian dairy cows in the small farming village of Freeby in Leicestershire that find themselves in the limelight on this occasion! There are those hardened cynics who may say that what you are about to read is purely and simply a coincidence and nothing else. However all the instances you see in front of you on this web site are true and have been witnessed by many different people from up and down the Country as well abroad. Those of us  who were present were incredibly moved that anything like it should actually take place before our very eyes.
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