When the final curtain falls on our lives, is it really the very end of our existence?  Perhaps there is another side to the argument and we should stand back for a minute or so and think? Over the years I have had the great privilege to meet, work and spend valuable time with some truly wonderful people, many who are still here today but also with others who have sadly gone on to another place and are now at rest.

It is quite something to be able to share with you some experiences that have occurred not only to me after a death, but to friends who have also witnessed similar instances of unusual behaviour from our quarry species. These are not unique but have had a very moving effect on any of us who have been there and seen them for ourselves. They make us explore our own mortality and certainly make us think about what is going to come as we meet our final fence.  All these pieces are true, so as the curtain finally drops when you are next at the theatre or a musical performance, is there that evening going to be an encore or will it all just come to an abrupt halt? No one knows the answer that is for sure! Except to say if the performance has been as you would expect, then there more than likely will be! Think about this as these stories are relived in the utmost detail, hopefully they will intrigue you.



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